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  • Life Lately

    Life Lately

    Hi, friends. It’s been a while. I hope you’re well. It’s a mixed bag over here. My long absence from this space has two main... 1 min

  • Is My Cat Happy?

    Is My Cat Happy?

    Like us, cat’s express their mental state through body language and vocalizations. Though each cat is an individual and expresses itself in unique ways, there...3 min

  • It’s Play Time!

    It’s Play Time!

    Does your cat stare at birds all day or go crazy over laser pointers? This bug teaser toy will be your new best friend. With...2 min

  • Puppy Personals

    Puppy Personals

    Meet My Puppy My make-believe puppy Petronilla has shared a bio. What is the point of this fanciful canine caper? A look at life from...1 min

  • 3 Dog Toys That You Should Have

    3 Dog Toys That You Should Have

    From humble beginnings to a multi-billion dollar industry, dog toys have come a long way. Funny though, I know many dogs who prefer a broken-down...2 min

  • Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

    Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

    For this year’s Father’s Day Gift Guide we curated a selection of 14 unique and interesting gifts to delight every kind of cat loving dad...9 min

  • Pet Feels – Emilio & Peter

    There’s something magical about the way pets make us feel. For Emilio and Peter, that’s the feeling of letting his daily stress melt away and... 1 min



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