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  • Petfood Industry Career Center now available

    A new Petfood Industry Career Center is available now. This self-serve website offers useful tools and resources to link job seekers with opportunities – advancing connections...1 min

  • Should Your Dog Sleep in Bed with You?

    Share with fellow dog lovers! This post includes affiliate links. Should your dog sleep in bed with you–or in a bed beside you or perhaps...10 min

  • Dog Sports: Training Your Dog Safely

    Share with fellow dog lovers! We admit that for our dogs, their canine sports are pretty simple, usually involving walking, running and swimming. Barli and...5 min

  • How to Deodorize Pet Beds, Your Car and More

    Share with fellow dog lovers! This post is sponsored by TriNova. Let’s face it: pet smells happen. Wet dogs. Frito feet. The chews that smell...5 min

  • Valentine’s Dog Names

    Valentine’s Dog Names

    You’ve found your puppy love…now to choose from Valentine’s dog names for the dog that you will love. This post first appeared in Link... 1 min

  • a woman and puppy connect, looking into each others eyes

    Are You Ready For This?

    Emotional Puppy Preparedness In my online puppy prep class, You’re Lucky You’re Cute, where I discuss three key pillars of puppy raising, I also spend...2 min



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