I’ve had both my cats for over a decade, and they’re both pretty friendly, but I’m not sure if they really love me. They’re always sleeping on my bed and sometimes following me around, but they both hate being picked up, and they never ever like to sleep next to me. They also never jump up on my lap and never have done that. However, when my one cat was a kitten, he used to sleep on my pillow every night. He very rarely sleeps on my pillow anymore and when he does, he nibbles on my head and gives me bites? When I try to pet my one cat under the chin, he always pulls away and my other cat doesn’t care for it much. They don’t bite me, hiss, or anything, but they just seem so uninterested in me. They sometimes rub up against me, but I’m still not sure they really love me. What do you guys think?

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