Long story short, my current circumstance won’t allow for me to care for my cat for a few months. My Ex who currently has her in her possession initially agreed to care for her until I found a place that allows cats. Well, she changed her mind a few days in and wants her gone by the end of the week. With that said I been frantically looking at all local options in the Cleveland area. I’m hoping this no kill shelter for cat will take her in so that I may potentially retrieve her down the road, but according to their website, there’s limited availability. I’ve also posted her on various adoption websites as well as Craigslist, but did so with reluctance. Ideally I would like to get her back after my circumstances allow and will even pay someone to care for her in the meantime. Does anyone one know of any foster homes or services that may allow this in the Cleveland, OH area? Ultimately, I just want her to end up in a good home even if it means I have to say goodbye. Last thing I want to do is put her in an animal shelter. If anyone can provide any helpful information or insight it would be much appreciated.






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